Synchronized swimming coach and swimmer education and clothes.
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Figure Corrections Sample

12 & Under, 13-15, & Junior Figure Drills 

Now Available!

2014-2017 Figures Available Now!

New Figures will be released as they are completed! 

All new figures now include the 

Bonus Slide Show Movie 



Download synchronized swimming books for your computer, iPad, smartphone, Kindle!!!

Synchro Faster, Higher, Stronger

Comprehensive Workout & Training Book

Plan & Prepare for practice with fillable workout planners

Routine Fundamentals- now digital!

FItness Ball Book for Synchro

Synchro Stretch, Swimming & Strength Training Manual available in print again

Education in synchronized swimming is the best way to success in synchro skills and competitions!


Digital Figures

Figures are here!!!  We have produced each of the figures in the 12 and under, 13-15, and Junior Figures divisions as digital files.

This is the best method to learn and visualize synchronized swimming figures perfectly. Each figure is displayed in full color diagrams detailing perfect body positions and the transitions between positions. Included are a written description of the figure, illustrations, Duke Zielinski’s 1-2-3 Method pictured on each figure showing correct extension, use of the hips, and sculling techniques, suggested timing, alignment with the marker, and mental strategies. Learn what the best do to perform successfully and apply it to your own figures.

$5.99 each

Digital files are copyright protected and are unable to be copied or printed. 


Digital Books

Eye of the Artist, Art of Choreography, Pattern Play Book, Routine Fundamentals, Fitness Ball Book and


Figure Fundamentals- completely revised and updated with full color images. Volumes 1-5 $9.99 each

Synchro as Simple as 1-2-3

Duke Zielinski's 1-2-3 Method that simplifies the complex scientific principles into an easy system to teach, learn, coach and perform synchronized swimming skills. 


Prepared to Perform: Mental Skills and Strategies for Success in Synchronized Swimming

 Illustrated $17.99

Developmental Drills: The CALM Method to Developing Skills

Updated with more than 70 new drills for improving awareness, control, balance, and leverage in the water. $9.99

Digital files are copyright protected and are unable to be copied or printed. 

CD's and Hard Books

The CALM Method of Stretching and Strengthening available again along with The Eye of the Artist and Synchronized Swimming Workouts!! Prepare for the season!

Our original esynchro books as you've known them- printed and bound for your reading pleasure.

Laminated Figure Sheets of all 24 figures with Images, the 1-2-3 method, Alignment and Timing, and Mental Strategies. Great to use on hte pool deck to visualize the perfect figures or to give great visual instruction.

Make sure to choose appropriate shipping options to insure delivery.

Synchro swimmers-

 mermaids in training!

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Merchandise and Apparel

Official USA Synchro Apparel and Merchandise

Polo's, jackets, towels, great junior shirts, shirts with bling, ladies and mens, stickers, mugs, water bottles, license plate frames, pins, almost anything you want!

Make sure to choose appropriate shipping options to insure delivery.

If you are interested in selling Synchro Merchandise at your event, please contact us for details on profit sharing, products, and shipping. 

Synchronized swimming books, movies, clothes for coaches and swimmers